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Raffle tickets up in smoke



Dang Post Office again



Good Blues morning. another rainy day. When it rains here in Alabama everything turns green,everything is growing. Pop he's moving a bit slow this morning. Good he’s moving at all he’s 91 years old. I'll help him get going before I get started today. It's the end of the month and I promise my VIPs to have everything caught up so I'm going to have to get busy today to get all the mail out.


Using Periscope every night goes fast. Sometimes we have two winners in one night, 8 or 10 winners a week I know these people want that packages tomorrow, but I never did plan to get that deeply involved. I guess it's just part of the Pains of growing, so next month I'll start a different strategy of how to get the mail out. I'm considering using April and making some changes.


The Blue's Room is an interesting place. People come from all walks of life. What's really cool is when they win something I can imagine them receiving it in the mail. I know it's exciting. Because it's exciting to me. So for the month of April part of my New Year's resolution is to get the mail out faster. I finally got some plastic boxes and some more address labels and more mailing envelopes so I'm stepping up on the game.





Ever since we launched our FB Group page the podcast has been catching on. Its cool i guess for those who like to listen to that raw Blues Room dialog . There is much more Blues to come . 


He Preaching but it ain't reaching



  Good Blues morning. The sky is still blue. That’s a good sign. It’s been a good day so far although I did run out of coffee. I usually have 2 cups but today I had three. I can tell it’s going to be an interesting day. I got a call from the preacher man today. Preacher wanted to say hello to me, he’s missed me, hadn’t seen me in a while and had thought about visiting me. Notice the word, Though. He and his friend my old bass player said they were in the neighborhood and they thought about me. It sure is nice to be thought of, but I guess it wasn’t enough thought to drop by to say hello to me.

 That really don’t matter so I continue with the conversation LOL just enough to let him throw some slight at me in some way. Make me feel as if I am not fit or not cleaning someway. Didn’t take long for that to happen. Then I’m waiting for the conversation to turn away. So he can get back to his dream world.

 I have nothing against preachers or religion but some of the pastors that I know I’ve got a sad way of positioning themselves, making themselves seem as if they are something that they’re not. They have never been able to hide the truth from me. I know who they are, I know who I am. I know we all are men,same as me. I appreciate what preachers do and I think church and religion has a great place in our society. Especially in the black communities. Being born and raised in the south religion plays a big part. But it time to stop hiding behind the church and love men and do kind things , Talking just ain’t gonna get it .





 Good morning. Good Blues morning to you. The sky is still blue, and I think deep water is still Blue. I woke up this morning thinking about miracles. It's going to take a miracle to build this Blues VIP group that I've had in mind. I think I have to become a Visionary again. I have to renew my vision and think through it in detail. I don't want to confuse my motions with progress. Sometimes there's lots of motion in the Blue's Room, Comment streaming up the screen really fast, songs being sang, people greeting one another, it's all fun. But is it all taking us where we  need to go?


 When I first imagined building such a group, it was for the purpose of promoting Shows and promoting concerts and festivals. That's what I have to keep in mind. It's easy to get caught up in the hype. The hype is not going to take us where we need to go, we really need to focus on events. So here I go. Become a Visionary again.


 It can be kind of scary to have a vision. especially if it's a different Vision or New Vision. technology has made it possible to reach people and places we never could before. I'm excited to be able to reach the people with the right minds and hearts to make things happen. So today I'm renewing my vision for the blues VIP Club. And I'm challenging you to renew your vision for the year 2018. And Beyond, let's renew our vision today.



Don't waste my time



Doing this log is not easy. When you were raised like me to keep your mind to yourself sometimes it's not easy to share my mind. I spent many years learning that other people's points of views are more important than my own. I learned to be a great listener. that works great and most instances. But now it seems important to me to talk. And what I want to share today is a thought for some younger people.” Don't waste your time”.  Most of the conversation that you get involved with is pointless. It's just a debate over some viewpoint. The only thing it will do is polarize you or put you into one group and them into another group. An ethical debate about what's right and what's wrong.

A pure waste of your time when you could be focused on much better things or accomplish some things for yourself.


So this day as you go through the day, try to keep focused on something that you can gain from the day. Mind your own business and do well. Don't allow your friends and co-workers to engage you in conversation that will lead you nowhere. It'll just lead them into little isolated groups of he feels this way and I feel that way. And before you know it the day is gone and no one has made it any farther along. don't waste your time.

Focus and have a great day



Like me on Freakbook


 I started on Facebook when it first came out. a girl that was working for me help me to set up my account. She actually set me up two or three accounts. One day she had to leave me and she turned the accounts over to me. She said,”Here are your passwords and all your usernames you got 3,000 people here and then she left. That was a biggest bunch of b******* I've ever had to figure out I actually spent time trying to figure out how Facebook worked but I was never able to get it. It seem confusing to me. I could see the people I knew but sometimes I didn't know if it was actually them talking to me. Sometimes my account would be taken over by  spam or a robot. It was always some shit on FB. so I eventually left Facebook alone. sometimes I would use it for promoting a show or to it promote a local event but that was it.


When I started using periscope it was simpler for me. All I had to do was scope and keep the interaction with my people. that's what it was all about anyway interacting with my fans. So I started doing it often on periscope. Finally as my Periscope Community begin to grow it became necessity of a newsletter or a organized group, some way to communicate deeper with my fans and that's when Kilo came into the picture. Mr. Kilo had be a VIP and a fan of mine for a while. He comes into the room often, and he's very active in promoting and he's also a fun guy. His comments always are on point.He suggested to use Facebook group like a newsletter. I was very much against the idea in the beginning and I asked him to sell me on the idea, and he did. Apparently he has done it before. He's a businessman. And he also has a military background. He was very thorough and convincing. so I gave it a try.


Our first night we had a 13 followers to the group. and I was able to see people deeper into my fans. I think it's will become usable to for us all to interact together. I'm not interested in broadcasting live on Facebook at this time. You can already see the fun starting. VIPs coming in and greeting each other. That's what it's all about. we're getting ready now for the Blues Facebook take over.



A friend request ?



Good Blues morning. first thing this morning I was watching a replay from last night's periscope. We sang a song last night call that Lonesome Road. In the song I often sing about friends. Sometimes people sing along with me. And I wonder do they really realize what we’re singing about.


 I'm learning as the time goes by that there's nothing like a good friend to make the road of life feel a little smoother. Sometimes my friends encourage me and I encourage them. Seems like friends just lighten the load. There's nothing like the joy of sharing with my good friends. I think sometime we get so involved in ourselves that its hard to reach out and nourish a friendship with another. So I'm writing this today hoping someone might read it someday, and reach out and be a true friend to someone else, take the time to get involved. Actually cultivate a friendship with someone. Try not to get so busy that we don't have time for others. So let's take today and be friends. What do you think ?






 Good morning blues world. it's another beautiful day I woke up this morning complaining and whining. there's a lot to complain about. As I set on the side of my bed I made a decision today to not whine. I'm not going to complain at all today or whine about everything, I'm just going to create a no whine Zone.

 I thought about when I was a child how children always complain when things don't go their way.  I was a cranky child. but today I'm not going to be cranky, I'm not going to complain. If I get upset today I want to give myself a few minutes to self talk, to vent. vent in my mind not in my mouth. I'm going to move forward and do the things I've been working on without complaint. Encourage you to do the same, Come on let's go.