Shooting up the School, Wow !


 Good Blues morning. I woke up this morning thinking about the school shooting in Florida. That really hit home with me last night after missing Miss Bonnie in the Blue's Room. I started thinking about school teachers. The responsibility that they have. Most teachers spend more time with the students than the parents do. I thought about how important my teachers were to me.


 The children are our future. If the children are afraid to go to school. Then they miss part of the education. Even though they're sitting there in the class room. If their hearts are troubled and their minds are afraid. They won't pay attention in the class. there's no need of them to even go to school if they're not able to concentrate on the material. Teachers really have a big responsibility now days not only to teach the children, but also to comfort them.


 When I woke up this morning, I ask myself, what can we do. Well my children are out of school now. I have a granddaughter in school, but I'm not close enough to her to really know where she is or what school. But my heart is there with her. Not only her,but all children, all of your children, and your grandchildren. I think as a parent what I would do, and ask you to do is to pay attention to these children. By pay attention I mean lets really watch their moods. watch their interest, their association's, and most of all, let's watch what they do on the internet. I think we should be nosey and watch who their friends are. What they are reading and writing . Let's become really good friends with the children.


The PTA can be an important vehicle in helping this happen, the PTA parents and teachers can work closer together more than ever. Teachers have to signal and parents have to become involved. And if we see a troubled child,lets  understand where the trouble starts. We need to monitor the children. It's just a part of being a responsible parent or grandparent. Not only do the schools have a responsibility , but the community has that responsibility too. Lets create activities that allow the children to learn to socialize better and to share the stresses that our society puts upon them. I think that if we all work together as a community we can learn to find more peace, less hostility, anger, and less school killings.



HAppy Birtyhday to me ?


 My Dad recently turn 91 years old. people have been asking him for as long as I can remember how old he is but he always gives them an uncertain answer. He's been doing it so long till I wonder if he even knows his birthday or how old he really is. He seems to know his birthday well. But the exact age he never seems to be able to recall . So I asked him one day while he didn't know how old he was. His answer startled  me, it actually made sense to me. He said, “ if you don't think about it it's just goes by “. Since that day I never made a big deal out of my birthdays as says if I could lose track of how old I really was. I don't know if its possible but it feels good to try. So today is my birthday and I would like to lose track of the number but of course it's hard for my friends and family to let that happen. So they wish me happy birthday and the greetings come in. I've gotten greetings today from friends and family and fans all around the world. I wouldn't mind doing what my father told me and try to forget the actual number. Maybe that can happen with time


 A few days ago on periscope I asked my viewers to guess my age and if they could, I will give them a raffle ticket. I told them that it was okay, there was no need to worry about hurting my feelings, they've been hurt so many times, that it wasn't much left to hurt. Some of those age guesses that came in really made me laugh, I've been called everything thing from a 22 years old, to 135 years old And that's all fun. They all deserved a raffle ticket as far as I am concerned.


 My son is 26 years old. He was  wishing me a happy birthday this morning and teasing me, calling me old man. I told him that it seems as if I have more energy than he does, which is true, Most of the time he's acting lazy, As if he's the old man. I don't know why many young man his age are so lazy, I tried to tell him the importance of staying busy and do things but he doesn't quite seem to get it, anyway I'm glad he did wish me happy birthday. And I want to thank everyone who has gave the warm Birthday greetings. But there's much more work to be done so let's all get busy and happy birthday to you too. When is your birthday leave it in the comment below!



The Blues Room for real under construction


  Good morning, the sky is blue again. It has been raining since last night. But I know that underneath all the clouds that the sky is still blue. Still cold here in Alabama, but I guess that's normal for this time of year. been working in the old house some this morning. Got it coming along pretty good now. Finally got it clear enough to walk around inside. I got a lot of old boxes thrown away. old furniture that didn't have any more use. And clear enough to see around inside. Hopefully the raccoons and the snakes won't try to move back in this spring. I would like to open up and turn it into another blue's room soon, and do some musical things outdoors in the front yard. I know my folks would like to see that, and it gives me something to do. I wound up taking the ceiling out totally. And stripping the walls down to the bare wall. That old wood does look good. I think I'd like to leave it like that so the old wood shows.


That old house has been sitting here a long time my grandfather and grandmother built it back in the 1940’s. The lumber that is used in this house is really hard. Sometimes it's hard to even drive a nail. I'll start using it soon to periscope from there . To get out of the van for a while. the Blue's Room is under construction. Got any ideas for it ?



the sound of Rain on this old tin roof





That rain sounds good on this old tin roof. Makes me think about so many things. Like how many raindrops is that on the roof, Like time, I went back into some packed away boxes just rambling through things that were stored away. I found an old picture of my good friend Mr. David Hooks. Dave and I shared many days playing music together. He is from Selma Alabama. The picture that I found is of him playing tub at a Cajun restaurant. Dave is one of the few tub players I know. he plays with a serious look on his face and he always dressed well for the show. He grew up in a country town called Burnt Corn Alabama with his grandmother. He said his grandmother taught him how to play the tub.

 I haven't been able to sleep tonight. Thinking about lots of things, mostly about the band. Putting the band back together. Writing new songs. Always plenty to do. I'm getting better organized. Feeling pretty good about the way things are going. I'm getting ready for a road trip this weekend.



Good Morning Social Media


Good morning,The sky's still blue. Guess Poppa been up all night, seems like it anyway. he's got more energy than I do although he is 90 years old. Dry cheerios all over the table. Gonna be one of those days I see,


I woke up this morning with Periscope on my mind. It's unusual for me to wake up thinking about scoping. But last night was so amazing. It really moved me. Over the last month we’ve added 500 new followers to the group. I wonder where they are. I don't get to see them often but last night I asked lots of questions and I could see some new people chiming in. Periscope has lots of possibilities with it. The most important thing it seems is to build relationships. Guess I'm kind of old school in my ways. I can make a friend at the store, or at church, or the club, but making a friend over the internet can be challenging.


I asked lots of questions last night. Questions like, how old are you, what type of work do you do, questions that give me a look into the new person. then I asked questions about the type of music that they like, and who their most important blues artists are. I want to get a look at what they like to hear from me or what they like to hear from the music. Times have definitely changed and people's taste in music has changed but it seems that there's a common denominator in blues music. I think Blues is the common denominator. I asked them what themes and song titles would they like to hear in new music and the answers came back all kinds of ways. I asked them about their emotional states, where they happy, and the answers came back in all sorts of ways. I guess blues music is the common denominator, it can be happy, sad and in between. That's a wonderful thing.


I'm working today to put together this email response thing so that I can build closer relationships with these people. I've been struggling with email systems for months now. it's different than my old school method of communication. Like I said, I'm used to talking to them face-to-face but now I’m in a bigger school, a worldwide school and I have to learn to socialize in new ways. Maybe that's why they call it social media. They provide the media, but I still have to provide the social. Do you struggle with social media if so, leave a comment below



Iretta & Johnnie B Sanders Gone Deep


Morgan Freemans place , “Ground Zero” was kinda slow that evening ,after all it was still early for the Juke Joint Festival 2017. Msbiscuithead decided to show  me to another place called Reds Place. Leo Bud Welch was playing there tonight . Leo was on fire. It was a friggin great Blues show. From there she took me to another small juke , I don't remember the name of the place. I told her I was hungry so I walked next door for some BBq and a cold beer and I heard the music inside the building next to it .

 When I looked inside the door I saw this couple Iretta and Johnny B . Miss Iretta was sanging her azz off and strutting across the floor while Johnnie B was spanking that old guitar and grinning , He has his hat cock to the side and for real enjoying himself.  I told Miss Biscuithead lets go over there for a while and check them out. Man they really did a good job of entertaining, everybody there was laughing and having a great time.

They put on a very real Blues show. Johnny B. reminded me of the man who play guitar with the Consolers who played guitar flat in front of him while grinning the whole time. He play a while with it flat then he would hold it against his body again never missing a beat. All i could say was Hell Yeah. These people sang the Blues for real.

 I didn’t realize what I had experienced until after we left . It took several days to realize what I had just witnessed. The best of the best in blues. These people are straight up, uncut, and in your face juke joint style mambo jambo . I love watching them do what they do and  I think you will to. Check them out when you can , If you know what im talking about ,  leave a comment below.


New Podcast coming soon " Blues Gone Deep "


  I’ve been thinking lately about doing another podcast. This time I’d like to do a podcast around the Blues Room. The most interesting thing that I find about being involved in the Blues Room are all the people who come in and out. Over the last year or so  I’ve met some real characters. People that I think are the real stars of the Blues Room, even more so than the music. I know that is unusual to focus on the fans but I believe that by doing so the real beauty of the music will come out.


What is interesting about Periscope is that we see the comments on the screen but we don’t know the person behind the comment. I don’t know a better way to know these fans other than to and give them an opportunity to let us know them. So I’ll be asking some people from the Blues Room to come and be a guest on my new podcast called “Blues Gone Deep”


 I called Dennis Ruley this morning to ask if he would be willing to be a guest on the show. I chose Dennis because he has been the most active promoter that I have found in my group. Dennis also wrote a song for us during the Christmas holidays that was pretty catchy. He seems like a real interesting character..I also called Tastee Shay. Shay, The two headed woman from Houston. Shay has always been a beautiful character in the Blues Room. Her comments are so colorful and her personality seem so bubbly, I’d like to try to capture it in an interview so I’ll called her today. She told me she would be willing to do the interview. I’m  so looking forward to doing these I hope you’re looking for to listening to what they have to say on “Blues Gone Deeper”. If you have any ideas for the podcast or suggestions leave it in the comments below.



Thanks MsBiscuithead for a great Christmas Show


I’d like to thank Miss Carla Robinson a.k.a. Ms Biscuit  for coming in to Huntsville to sit in with me on bass guitar at the Amendment XXI Club this holiday season. We played a show together on December 23 in beautiful downtown Huntsville Alabama. It was a classic blues show if i must say so myself. Ms Robinson is always a treat for everyone to play with. She was so different than playing with Mac Barnes , my regular bass player.


 Carla has a very clear and deliberate blues bass style, straight ahead blues, straight out of the delta region of Arkansas. She uses classic tones flat wound strings and even has perfect pitch .

 She was all dressed up for our Christmas show in her flashy Santa Claus sweater. When we did the Periscope show live stream some of the viewers ,VIPs asking her to show the sweater . We had already played overtime and didn’t get to show it off .So I asked her to send me a pic of  that fancy blues sweater because we don’t want to wait till next Christmas to see it . And she finally did send us a clip . Check out MsBiscuitheads fancy Blues Sweater . What do you all think about it ?










 I first saw Leo Bud Welch in Clarkdale Mississippi one night playing in a juke joint called RED’s Place. The music met me at the door. It was a happy throbbing music, raw and earthy but easy for him to do and it was loud . I was shocked and excited at the sound of it .I asked the door man who in the hell is that ? He said thats Leo gimme five dollar cover charge.It was worth every cent. I had a great time listening to Mr.Welch.

  At the King Biscuit festival that year this year my band, The ChickenBone Reunion band was scheduled to play the Lockwood Stackhouse stage that Saturday night. But earlier that day one of the festival organizers Miss Carla Robinson, asked me would  I  be willing to play in Mr.Leo Bud Welch place if he didn’t feel like playing that evening he was having some health issues . I was surprised that she would ask me that. She didn’t know how much respect I had for the man and style of work. So I told her sure I will if he don’t feel like it.  She introduced me to his manager who took me to an RV.  

  Inside that RV there he was Mr. Leo he looked the same as he had looked in that club that night except this time we had on an oxygen mask he was talking about his guitar won't tune right he just could not get the sound from his guitar that he wanted. He wanted to play, but his guitar wouldn’t tune right,  His manager handed him two different guitars and Mr Leo fiddle with them fiddling with the tuners finally I told him that I would be willing to do it for him, I told him I’ll go out there and play for you if you don’t feel like it or if the Guitar won’t tune right. He said. “ Well go ahead because its not gone tune right.  I said but I want to play your guitar the one with your name on it.. He said, It won’t tune right . I told him I was from Alabama I know how to make it do , I’ll make it do what you do.  He smiled and said go ahead.

  When I got on stage and plug the guitar in understood what he was talking about. It  had a different feel about it. Maybe it was the strings that made it feel odd or the intonation .It had a wicked feel to it. I tried to get comfortable with it during sound checkl wasn’t able to. Carla Robinson ( MsBiscuithead) offered me a kick drum and a high hat to make up my one-man show. So that’s what I did.  I took Leo’s hot pink guitar with his name on it  went out on that stage and the whole time I could feel the Blues coming from those instruments. I was honored to meet and play for Mr. Welch. Whatever it is that he brought to the music came out in his instrument, you could feel it in his guitar.  God bless Mr. Welch family and many fans. I appreciate anything he stood for and represented. Thank GOD for his recordings , Leo’s kind of Blues will never die.



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